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Meditation for the 99%

Feb 29, 2020

The most common thing I hear from people who are hesitant about trying meditation is, “But I think too much.”

What I usually say back is, “We all do.”

We all think too much. Wandering thoughts are estimated to occupy 30 to 50 percent of our waking hours. And we all think we think too much.

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Feb 21, 2020

I can’t remember a more contradictory time in my life. I’ve never felt so lonely. For the past month, I’ve been living alone on my family’s farm in rural Southern Maryland. It’s been part “Walden,” part “Joe Dirt,” part “The Blair Witch Project.” Days go by without seeing another human.

But I’ve...

Feb 7, 2020


“Pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?” Those are the choices. Is that tightness in your lower back pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? Is that emptiness in your chest pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? Is the thought of going to work tomorrow pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? In mindfulness meditation, this is called...