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Meditation for the 99%

Mar 27, 2020

My mind is usually a churning soup of anxiety, overplanning, and confusion, but the COVID-19 outbreak has put it in hyperdrive.

There are certain to be moments ahead that will overwhelm us emotionally, so I’ll share how I self-soothe in hopes that it helps you come up with your own process.

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Mar 26, 2020


I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, but I recite what are called the “three refuges” after meditating each morning. I even have them tattooed on my arm along with a fourth.

Buddha, dharma, sangha, justice.

Whispering these words reminds me of what really matters, regardless of what’s happening in my life, even...

Mar 13, 2020

I’m housesitting for my parents in rural Maryland while they’re in Florida for the winter. When I’m not driving back into Washington, D.C., to see friends, days pass without human interaction.

But the solitude isn’t what’s getting to me. It’s the silence, particularly at night. Thank God for my meditation...